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Arts and leisure - Theater and presentation


Thursday from 19:30-22:00 h (start 2 weeks later than originally planned)

Maike Flick

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For beginners and for people who have played a little drama.

Acting is about telling a story with both your voice and your body. In this course we treat the basic principles such as space, dynamics, use of voice, physical postures, movement and responding to impulses. With these principles you learn to portray a character and situation, and ultimately tell a story. In your game you learn to respond to an impulse to convey your thoughts and emotions to the audience. The approach becomes physical and we mainly work from improvisations and game assignments.

Maike Flick is a Scandinavian Dutch woman with a big heart for her profession.
Since her education at the School of the Arts Utrecht, she has worked as a theater maker, director, actress and teacher. As a director and theater maker, she often works at home and abroad with music and location theater. For example, she has been able to create performances in swimming pools, prisons and mountain caves. "Working on location is working with existing decor. In fact, the" decor "is the starting point. It already has so much atmosphere and playful possibilities .... An inexhaustible source of inspiration and pleasure." She finds working with a wide range of people and target groups a great way to keep her own way of thinking and artistic input open and flexible. Everything is a possible source of inspiration for theater. www.maikeflick.com  

(Maike Flick will be substituted this semester by Jaap Metzlar, who is a very experienced drama teacher and actor. He is also founder and director by theater group Domino)

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