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Arts and leisure - Visual arts

Illustrating stories (every other week) | Dutch spoken

Friday from 9:30-12:30 h

Mathea Westerveld
Prent: Julie Fleischer

Lesson dates: 11 & 25 Feb, 18 Mar, 1 & 22 Apr
This course is given in Dutch, but explanations can be given individually

For whom
For anyone who wants to learn how to make illustrations for a story.
Beginners and advanced: because there is a lot of room in these lessons for individual guidance, there is room for different levels. Minimum age: 17 years

This course (5 x 3 hours) is an introduction to Illustrating a story. In this course you immerse yourself in a text of your choice and learn how to create powerful illustrative images.
You will be inspired by different illustrators and see how they depict their stories and which visual means they use. You will experiment with materials and techniques and learn how to incorporate fantasy and individuality in your illustration(s).
At the end of the course you will take home a number of sketches, experiments, a storyboard and at least two detailed illustrations!

Homework: min: 1 to 2 hours per week

This course takes place every two weeks, of which 5 x physically at the LAK. The next week you will work at home with your homework. In the week that you do not have a physical lesson, there is a feedback option by sending a photo of the work made by mail or whatsapp. The teacher will provide short feedback to help you move on to the next lesson.

Materials needed to do the homework:
- gray pencil, brushes, sturdy paper, paint (watercolor, acrylic or poster (gouache))

You also need a (short) story or a fragment from a text for this course. It is important that the story evokes enough images in you and that it stimulates your imagination and imagination.

Mathea Westerveld   graduated (2006) as a Visual Arts teacher at Artez School of the Arts, Arnhem. In 2017 she founded her own company: Lieverlee Illustrations and Creative Discovery Tours. Under this name she illustrates on commission and gives workshops and courses in drawing and (botanical) illustration. More info: www.lieverlee.com 

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