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Nettle workshop: fiber, nutrition and stories

Friday 20 September from 12:30-14:00 h.

Annet Breure
Urtica Curtis 1837

For whom
For anyone who wants to get to know the nettle better and learn to work with it.

The nettle is a versatile plant that has been growing close to humans for centuries: the plant likes nitrogen-rich soil.
Man has also used the plant for centuries: both as food and medicine and, what we will do in this workshop: the use of its fibers.
Learn how to harvest the nettle and the twining technique to make strong rope. You will also learn about folk tales in which the nettle plays an important role.
This way we get to know this well-known (but unfortunately unloved by many) plant better.


Annet Breure is an Arabist and Plant Storyteller.
Her first job was at the historical theme park Archeon. She learned a lot about the practical use of plants, which knowledge and experience she uses in her workshops, such as twining nettles, fibers or tree bark. 
'I love poring over books and during my training as an Arabist I learned to do critical source research. Both the smell of yellowed pages and withered leaves in the forest make my heart beat faster!
Plants inspire people in art and popular culture: of course, because we live together on this planet. It is interesting how their healing effect is intertwined with, for example, spirituality. So I have a broad approach in my plant stories.  I choose stories that can inspire and broaden our view of the world.'

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