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Skills event

To give substance to the academic and personal development of our students, the University not only needs to have the right knowledge at its disposal, but also has to encourage students to develop the right skills. These can be transferable skills, such as academic, intercultural, digital, communication and social skills and competences such as leadership and entrepreneurship. At the same time, the non-transferable skills relating to specific disciplines also continue to play an important role. This has implications for the curricula and for the knowledge and skills that form their core, but also activities outside the curricula play an important role.

Besides academic and personal development, Leiden University students prepare for the transition to the job market in different ways: skills training, exploring the work field, contact with employers and practical experience.

This event focuses on both personal development (skills) and transition to the job market (contact with employers, exploring the work field and practical experience). Both Leiden University employees and external employers will interact with students all involving skills training.

Who can participate?

Students of the Leiden University and alumni within the first year after graduation. English will be the main language of this event.


Costs: t.b.d. 
Participants: t.b.d. 
Registration: It is not possible to register yet.

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