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Working at an NGO

Have you thought about your ambitions after graduation? Maybe thinking about changing the world for the better? Working at an NGO might just be your thing, so join 27 february 17:15-19:00 our “ Working at an NGO” event . This event will be also be held in March 2020 in Leiden.

During the event, several professionals working at an NGO, as well as students who interned at an NGO, will share their experiences with you, give you advice how to join an NGO and answer all your questions.

The following speakers will be present at this event:

  • Sanne Hogesteeger, Red Cross
    Sanne currently works as project coordinator for the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre after having studied Cultural Anthropology in Leiden. During this session, she will share her views on bulding community resilience in the face of rising risks.
  • Fatma Kaya, Cordaid
    Fatma works at Cordaid, a NGO that works to end poverty and exclusion. We do this in the world’s most fragile and conflict-affected areas as well as in the Netherlands.
  • Two interns
    Two interns will attend the session to tell you more about doing an internship at a NGO. Aynur Hasanzadeh did an internship at Amnesty International. Aynur is a third year student International Studies. She recently returned to Leiden University after interning 4 months at Amnesty International’s office in Amsterdam, on the Mobilisation and Action department. Donna is a 3rd year BA International Studies student who specialised in Africa. She wanted to bridge the gap between theory and practice and decided to do an internship in her discretionary space to gain more practical experience. From September until December 2019 she did an Environmental Sustainability internship focusing on plastic recycling, eco-bricking and environmental education in Livingstone, Zambia for African Impact.
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