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Workshop Finding your dream job

During your study you will wonder regularly what you will do “in the future” with all the knowledge and skills gained. What kind of jobs will fit that experience? What kind of employers will be looking for me? And what do I want? And even if you know (just about) what you are looking for, it isn’t that simple to find it. Where and how to start looking?



This workshop is meant for students and alumni that want to get a clearer picture of their (personal) job market. We will discuss how to map chances and opportunities and how this can help you make effective choices. If you already have a clear(er) perspective on what you are looking for in a job, this workshop will help you identify interesting employers as a step towards getting into contact and applying.

In “Finding your dream job” tips will be discussed on how to gain insight in your future job market, which jobs are possible (in the future) and which organisations will be interested or interesting. Practical tips will be share on how to search effectively. Also networking and specifically the use of LinkedIn will be discussed.

What you will be searching for in a job, depends on your specific knowledge, skills, traits and ambition. Do you need help figuring this out? The workshop What do I have to offer an employer?will discuss just that.

Who can participate?

Students of Leiden University and alumni within the first year after graduation. This workshop will be in English. Check out the Dutch options (same content, other dates).

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