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Online workshop What have I got to offer an employer?

What knowledge, skills and qualities do you already have to distinguish yourself on the job market? It can be difficult to see this in yourself, because it is very normal for you and you may always act in this way. This workshop is intended for students and recent graduates who want to get a better picture of themselves and how to use this in their (study) career.

Eva van der Meer  (Study choice/career adviser)

The aim of this workshop is to gain insight into your knowledge, competences and qualities. Before you know well which (career) job suits you and you can work on it, it is good to have a clear picture of yourself. Outlined by some theory about the labor market and personal development, the focus of this workshop will be on exercises to clarify what you have to offer. This self-knowledge helps you make effective study and career choices.

Who can participate?

Students enrolled at Leiden University and alumni up to one year after graduation. 

Also consider...

• If you are ready to apply for a specific job, the CV&letter workshop is valuable.

• An individual consultation? That is also possible! Make an appointment with the Career Services from your faculty.

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