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Workshop What do you really want?

What choices do you make, and why? Are you completely happy with all areas of your life? Or do you just drift wherever life takes you? What stops you from changing things you’re not happy with? Everyone will recognize that feeling of being firmly resolved to do a particular thing… only to realize later that you never did it after all.

Simone Keijsers  (Study Choice/Career Adviser)

Or maybe you have a particular dream for your future, but you think it’s not really realistic. To find out what you really want – to set goals and achieve those goals – you need to give the matter serious consideration and ask yourself the right questions! This workshop will guide you step by step in the direction of shaping your ideal future. And there’s a lot more to it than just finding the right job…

Who can participate?

Students of Leiden University and alumni within the first year after graduation. This workshop will be in English.

Dates and costs

Date: 12 + 19 February 2019
Capacity: maximum of 12 persons


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