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Online event - Working in the Netherlands (T.b.d. - January 2022)

This information session deals with the cultural and legal aspects of working in the Netherlands as a international non-EU student/graduate.

If you are a non-EU student/graduate and you are thinking about (starting) your career in the Netherlands during your studies or after graduation, you might have a lot of questions about the official rules and regulations. Or about the habits and do’s and don’ts in the Dutch working environment. During this information session we will provide you with the most important information regarding the legal aspects for non-EU students/graduates and the specific cultural challenges of working in the Netherlands.

For this session we will invite an immigration lawer and an international alumni who managed to find a job in the Netherlands. After the session there is time to ask your personal questions as well.

Who can participate?

Non-EU students of the Leiden University and alumni within the first year after graduation. English will be the main language of this information session.

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