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Study support - Study skills and study management

CANCELLED - Workshop Study skills & time management

You can learn to study! Everyone studies in their own way, there is no ultimate right way. But it is important to realize that studying is a skill that you have learned in the past. By taking a closer look at the way you study, you may discover pitfalls in the way you are used to study, and see how you can improve your study methods and planning

What will you learn?

The purpose of this workshop is to teach you to study in a more efficient way. At the end of this training: 

  • You have insight into your own way of studying and you understand the bottlenecks in your study strategies and time schedule
  • You have learned in theory and practice how to make a good plan that works for you
  • You know what helps you to study successfully and attentively
  • You study with less stress

In this workshop we offer you several directly applicable tips about effective studying. We explain the importance of good and feasible planning. You investigate your own study habits including the pros and cons. You share experiences with other students and you learn from each other. You practice planning and test it in practice. In the second workshop session you can further refine it and embed it in your study habits.To get the most out of this workshop we ask you the following:

  • To prepare for the workshop, complete a time observation form a week before the workshop. The intention is that you keep a record of how you spend your time. You will receive this form after your registration.
  • Take an agenda and an overview of your study tasks for the coming period with you to the workshop.
  • Sufficient willingness and time to get started with what you have learned (about 10 minutes a day)

This workshop will be in English, if you prefer Dutch, please check out the Dutch options (same content, other days).

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