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Study support - Study skills and study management

Thesis writing support group training

Are you (planning on) writing your bachelor or master thesis and do you (expect to) encounter problems? Do you have trouble implementing your plans and intentions? Do you want to get a pleasant work / writing rhythm? Then the 'Thesis support group' may be a valuable support group for you. Meetings take place weekly.


A recurring part of the meetings is to discuss experiences concerning your study rhythm and to register a specific plan for the following week.
Also learning strategies to deal with this difficult part of your bachelor’s or master’s is a recurring topic.

Conditions to participate

To join the group its obligatory to attend the thesis group every week. These conditions are set in order to get the most out of this training. The conditions are: 

  • to attend the weekly meetings on time
  • to reflect on study tasks weekly
  • to formulate a goal about thesis tasks that you want to achieve every week
  • to call or app a fellow student from the group to inquire about his / her study progress every week
  • if you can’t attend the meeting: to inform the trainer at least 12 hours before your absence with a plausible reason
  • in case of absence: 2 times within 3 weeks you’ll get a warning, in the event that you’re absent again within the following 3 weeks you will be excluded from participation.

Limit amount of sessions

The thesis group is a continuous group, but there is a limit to the amount of sessions you can attend. After 12 sessions you’ll have an individual evaluation with the trainer to decide if you’re in need for more sessions or that you can continue without the weekly group meetings. Also continuing in an independent group without the trainer is one of the possibilities. 


Sessions will take place once a week on:
Wednesday from 14.30-15.30 hrs.


Please register via the consultation hours of the student psychologists. You will be able to enter the group as soon as a place becomes available (first come, first served). When the group is overbooked you will be placed on a waiting list. Additional information about this support group can be requested by sending an email to the student psychologists.

Who can participate?

Students enrolled at Leiden University.

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