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Thesis writing do's and don'ts

Are you getting ready to write your thesis? Are you unsure of how to go about it? Visit the workshop Thesis Writing: Do’s & Don’ts to be well prepared!


There are many reasons for students to struggle with writing a thesis. Procrastination, writing difficulties, perfectionism, difficulty with delimiting the material and communication difficulties with the supervisor are some common obstacles encountered by students.

Who is it for?

Leiden University students who are in the process of writing a thesis.
Maximum 5 participants.

What will you learn and discover?

You learn about the different phases in writing a thesis, you receive tips on how to avoid common pitfalls and how to establish good communication with your supervisor.  In addition you get advice on planning and working within a structure.

The focus

  • Navigating the different phases of thesis writing
  • Dealing with causes of delays
  • Working with a thesis plan and within a structure
  • Writing tips
  • Communication with the thesis supervisor
  • Working with a planner to prevent procrastination


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