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Workshop Relax: study without stress!

Do you experience a high level of study pressure and do you have trouble to relax? Do you continue to work hard without experiencing relaxation in your free time? Or, do you worry a lot and therefore can’t sleep well? Then, this is the workshop for you!



During the one and a half hour during workshop we focus on stress; what is stress and what is the function of stress? You will learn how to recognize signs of stress within yourself. You will also gain insight into different ways of coping with stress and the influence of (negative) thoughts on your feelings and behavior. Through exercises we give you some tools to be able to respond more consciously to signs of stress. In addition, it is also important to create time for relaxation and to discover what helps you to relax. During the workshop we will also pay attention to this and practice a relaxation exercise together.

Who can participate?

Students who are registered at the University of Leiden. Maximum number of participants is 12.

Please note that a minimum of 4 participants is required for this workshop. If there are fewer registrations, the workshop can be cancelled up to 2 days in advance. In that case we will contact you


At the right side of this webpage you can see the data of the workshop. You can register for the workshop here yourself. 

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