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Career College Working in Consultancy

Have you thought about your ambitions after graduation? It might help to get to know different work fields when deciding about your first steps unto the job market. In this event you will get to know how it is to work in consultancy.

Career College Working in Consultancy

The Career Service FSW regularly organizes a Career College on working in a specific field. 
During our Career College on Monday 19 April alumni of Leiden University will talk about what it’s like to be 'Working in Consultancy'.
How do you become a consultant/advisor? And what is it that you do all day? What capabilities and characteristics are necessary?
During this session there will be plenty of opportunity for participants to ask questions. 


Alma Vermeulen - Kirkman Company

During the Master's specialisation Social and Organizational Psychology, Alma Vermeulen took her first steps in the field of HR Consultancy. She did not know at the time that her side job as a junior consultant would result in a further career in the workfield. Alma prepared an interactive session to talk about her career path and will give students an honest look into life as a consultant.

Marloes de Bruin en Geoffrey van den Bergh - CRANIUM NL

Geoffrey van den Bergh and Marloes de Bruin work as consultants privacy, security and data management at CRANIUM the Netherlands. CRANIUM specialises in data and advises companies. We deal with issues at the cutting edge of organisational science, public administration, law, IT, communication and data management. In advising, CRANIUM is constantly concerned with the connection between departments and people. The focus with us therefore lies on organisation-oriented advice to enable companies to handle their data better. The employees of CRANIUM have a broad background. Because of the various study orientations of our employees, solutions are offered from various perspectives. As a student or alumnus of the Faculty Social and Behavioral Sciences, we feel that you can absolutely contribute to that! At CRANIUM we are looking for people who, like us, make connections between data-related themes and are curious about organisations.

Pieter Duits - B&T Organisatie adviesbureau 

Pieter Duits works as a management consultant for a boutique firm in education management. Our clients are mainly school boards, governors and others in a leadership position. But also governmental bodies and other education-related organisations. We work with our clients on all sorts of issues they face, ranging from strategic, to organisational and personal growth.

Who can participate?

This event is free and open to students and alumni (up until one year after graduation) of the Faculties of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Humanities and Governance and Global Affairs.

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