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Workshop Finding a Compass on Purpose

In this seminar, we will focus on identifying aspects around your “purpose” and values. We will explore what you find important in life and why. We will focus on topics related to questions such as: “What do I find important?”, “What do I want to bring others?”, “How does my study relate to me and my values?”, “What ideas do I have that I would like to bring into practice?”, “Should I keep doing something I am good at, but don’t like doing?”

Thalia Thomassen  (Vaardigheidsdocent)
On-campus seminar with online preparation

We will work with tools that help you find and anchor direction within your own life, study path, ambitions and other activities. As a compulsory preparation, you will answer self-reflective questions in your own online ‘Learning My Way’ portfolio. After the seminar it is possible to continue your own learning process:

  • you can sign up for other modules in your online portfolio;
  • you can make use of a one-on-one coaching session.

Who can participate?
All FSW students. Be aware that parts of this seminar are currently also embedded in the Learning My Way programme in several bachelor programmes, for example: in the bachelor programmes of IRO (ENG), Politieke Wetenschappen (NL) and Pedagogische Wetenschappen (NL), Honours College FSW (ENG) and in the Political Science masters. If you have attended this seminar already, you are still very welcome to review your purpose diagram, since personal development is an ongoing process.

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