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Brainstorm session LGBT* core team

19 October 2017
Plexus building
Kaiserstraat 25
- Leiden

The LGBT* community at Leiden University is a strong, often active and visible, invaluable group of committed people. The Diversity Office wants to join forces with LGBT* students, staff members, and organisations to work towards a university-wide LGBT* network in which both students and (academic and professional) staff are represented. Such a network would help creating a truly inclusive academic community. The network would advise the Executive Board, set agendas, help to increase “pink” competence, support research, collaborate with national organisations, and promote the visibility of our community.

We have already discussed these plans with LU Pride and other active students and staff members. They will be represented in the university-wide network, but they will also remain independent. The next step will be the installation of a core team that will be responsible for the organisation of the LGBT*network. In order to establish this core team, we organise a brainstorm session.

If you wish to register for this brainstorm session, or if you require further information, please contact Jasper Bitter: j.m.bitter@sea.leidenuniv.nl

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