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Negotiating Brexit within the EU: an insider's perspective

  • Jos Hupperetz
Friday 15 February 2019
European Union Seminar Series
Korte Vijverberg 5/6
2513AB Den haag


When the United Kingdom announced its intention to leave the European Union, an unprecedented process had to be launched by the EU institutions. Former EU Commissioner Michel Barnier was appointed to set up and lead the Task Force Article 50, to commission the negotiations ensuring an orderly disentanglement of the United Kingdom from the European Union after 45 years of membership. During the negotiation process, it became more and more obvious how the four freedoms of the EU: the free movement of goods, capital, services, and labour is intertwined and have created today’s functioning of the EU’s Single Market. 
Member of the Task Force Article 50, Jos Hupperetz will share his inside views on what was at stake in the negotiations, how the negotiations were structured, what were the main issues of contention and how they were resolved. As the policy coordinator for customs and indirect tax matters, he will, therefore, focus his presentation on those topics and explain how future trade relations between the EU and the UK could look like. 

About the speaker 

Jos Hupperetz has a longstanding experience in the field of customs. He started as a junior customs inspector in the port of Rotterdam in 1980. For more than 16 years he made a career in the Dutch customs at senior advisory positions in the operational customs service and at the Ministry of Finance. In 1999 he started to work for the European Commission, as a policy advisor in the area of customs on various files: development of control standards and a common risk management framework; a cooperation project with the US Customs and Border Protection establishing customs operational working arrangements to ensure a safe and secure transatlantic supply chain. As a business analyst, he contributed to business process modelling for the modernisation of the Community Customs Code. 
Since July 2017 he is appointed as the policy coordinator for customs and indirect tax matters in the Task Force for the Preparation and Conduct of the Negotiations with the United Kingdom under Article 50 TEU. 

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