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What’s Up with Sinterklaas?

Wednesday 11 November 2020

The Diversity & Inclusion Expertise Office is organising a series of dialogues on racism and exclusion: Come Talk to Us. This series provides an opportunity to engage in a dialogue among members of the university community. This first event will focus on what an inclusive Sinterklaas celebration can look like.

Discuss solutions

The discourse around Zwarte Piet has raised many issues and questions, but is also a window of opportunity. Our focus will be on thinking with each other about the topic in terms of solutions rather than problems. How can we work on making Sinterklaas inclusive as a national holiday? And what would that mean for our University community and Dutch society as a whole? This event aims to promote both awareness and discuss solutions. Together with students, staff and student organisations, we are pleased to welcome you to this fresh dialogue between and with people who want to think together about positive changes.

Breakout sessions

The programme will consist of a panel which reflects on Sinterklaas from different perspectives and provides a historical context. The panel will be followed by moderated breakout sessions with a specific assignment and questions to discuss. In order to increase participation and joining the conversation, breakout sessions will be held in English and Dutch.

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