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Leiden Science Online Meet-up

Common grounds

Thursday 25 March 2021

This week at the Online Meet-up we will explore our common grounds with some fun, easy-going interactive tasks and games. At 17:00 we will open themed break-out rooms for you to chat in.

Date: Thursday 25 March 2021, 16:30 - 17:30 
Location: Leiden University Zoom (please log in with ULCN and join the meeting)
Zoom ID: 616 2793 5642 
Passcode: LSM33tup! 

Zoom has a maximum number of 300 participants, so be on time. It’s first come first serve!


About the Leiden Science Online Meet-ups

Missing having lunch at the faculty, talking informally in between lectures or randomly running into people and having a chat at the coffee machine? Most of us do! Let's not wait until September (or longer) to get our social campus life back, let's make an effort to meet-up online and stay connected. A weekly social online get-together will be held on Thursdays at 16:30: the Leiden Science Online Meet-ups.

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Online socialising: we can do this! 
Yet another Zoom meeting... Well yes, the Leiden Science Online Meet-up will be yet another Zoom meeting but with the aim to really meet each other, talk to each other in small groups and, basically, end the day with a smile and the feeling you have connected with other people.  The Leiden Science Meet-ups are open to students and staff from the Faculty of Science.

Interactive starter 
Because online socialising is, to say the least, awkward, each meet-up will have an interactive show, game or talk to start with. During this first part, you will occasionally be put into small groups with a fun, easy-going task or be asked to otherwise interact with other. 

Have a conversation or play a game 
All meetups will end with break-out rooms in which you can play a game, meet with people you know or join a conversation with people you just met. The break-out rooms with have topics or purposes. Feel free to walk in or out of a room or ask for a specific break out room to be made where you can arrange to meet up with fellow-students or other people you already know.

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