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Online Campus The Hague Career Event 2021

Monday 12 April 2021 - Friday 16 April 2021

Kickstart your career!

Do you already know what you want to do after you graduate? How do you find out what suits you? And how do you prepare for the labour market? For anyone who asks themselves these questions, there was the Online Campus The Hague Career Event that took place from 12-16 April 2021. 

Unfortunately, automatic registration is closed. Please contact your Career Services department or take a look at upcoming Career Service events here. 

Watch recorded webinars

As this year's event was fully online, most sessions were recorded.*
Watch them here:

* Due to privacy concerns, not all webinars of the Online Career Weeks were recorded.

Leiden University Career Zone

Did you know that there is already a lot of information and tips about preparing yourself for the labour market online? Visit our website Leiden University Career Zone, here you will find:

A competency test
The career route planner
A career test
Everything to develop you application skills
The Mentor network
Previously recorded webinars



About the talk
The transition from education into your professional career can be a daunting prospect and experience. How should you prepare? What qualifications do you need? Are there enough jobs in the industry that you will graduate in? How has COVID-19 impacted this all? These are just a few questions that might have occupied your thoughts in recent weeks or months. Transitioning into your first job and starting your career is a key phase in your life and we know from scientific research that a good start can have long-term positive career effects. We also know that the transition can be a stressful time because you need to explore your interests and strengths, and you form your work-related identity. For many people, therefore, the prospect of the transition into work is seen as the “big black hole” you may drop in after graduation. But is it really that big and that black? And is your first choice truly so important? This and more will be discussed during this talk about education-to-work transitions and sustainable careers.

About the speaker
Jos Akkermans is an Associate Professor at the School of Business and Economics of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In his research, he mainly focuses on questions about people’s employability, career success and career sustainability, as well as the role of career shocks in contemporary career development. Jos is a member of the Amsterdam Young Academy and a board member of the Netherlands Foundation for Management.

Congratulations on finishing your bachelor! Now what do you do? In this workshop, we will discuss the various options for new graduates and how those options fit into a happy, secure and fulfilling career (and life). Attendees will fill out a “life plan” to help them think about when to do what, where graduate school may fit in (or not), and how different jobs may add up to one (or more) “careers”. 

David Zetland (University lecturer at Leiden University College) 

David Zetland teaches various classes at LUC on economics, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and the commons. He received his PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from UC Davis in 2008. Between his BSc (UCLA, 1991) and his graduate studies (2002-2008), he found time to work for two start-ups (both failed) and two non-profits as well as traveling for five years to 63 countries. 

Lauke Stoel (Policy officer Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO), LUC alumnus) 

I graduated from Leiden University College with the class of 2017-and-a-half and majored in Governance, Economics and Development. I combined the last semester of my studies with an internship at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, after which I was invited to apply to a job at The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO). I worked there as a full-time policy officer for two years. In that time, my job was run a grant programme to which teachers at higher education institutions can apply for funding for educational innovation. I started my master’s degree in Methodology and Statistics in September 2020. Since then I’ve kept a 10 hour contract at NRO, which I devote to my department's database and information management.  

Internships are a great way to explore your interests, get to know an organization, and experience what it’s like to work in your field of interest. But how do you get your dream internship? This workshop will provide you with the necessary information and personal experiences of former interns.  

Get an overview of how you get ready to start looking for an internship during the first part of this workshop. After this, a few former interns will tell you how they found their internship and what tips they have for you. Afterward, you can ask all your questions!

Getting your dream job or a great internship is not only about emphasizing your cognitive skills but putting your personality on stage as well. Do you want to know how to do that? Come and join us on during our online workshop on April 13 from 1-2pm! 

During this workshop we don’t only talk about dresscodes, but we put your personality and personal clothing style first. You can expect tips and tricks on the use of colors, jewelry, formal/informal clothing, useful shops and brands and more. Together we will find the answer to the question how to make a great impression, without being just another face in the crowd. 

I look forward to seeing you on April 13th. 

Jorinde Versluis 

Hoe is het om te werken bij de NAVO in Brussel? Hoe ziet een werkdag eruit? Hoe kom je op zo’n plek?  

Tijdens dit webinar gaan twee jonge Nederlandse diplomaten bij de permanente vertegenwoordiging bij de NAVO in gesprek over hoe het is om bij de NAVO te werken en wat voor Nederland belangrijk is.  

Irene Gerritsen en Stijn Kersten werken als Eerste ambassadesecretaris bij de Permanente Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland bij de NAVO en zullen vertellen over hun ervaringen. In dit interactieve webinar is er voldoende ruimte voor vragen.  

During this session we learned that volunteer experience is very much well perceived in The Netherlands, (almost) as much as paid experience. So it’s a great way to build up your CV!
Potential employers will definitely value volunteer experience as an important argument why you have certain skills. 
Tetyana Benzeroual explained the difference between cause based volunteering and skills based volunteering. This distinguishes between the type of motivation you have to do volunteer work; either  because of the cause of an organization or because you want to exercise your skills and build up your CV. Ideally you have a (little bit) of both and that’s also what all three students told us while sharing their experiences. Kristina, Leonie and Eva have their own reasons for doing volunteer work; giving back, exploring new fields (of work), integrating in Dutch society as an international, gaining more experience and of course boosting your skills. Their golden tip? Make sure you volunteer because you like (or even love) it! The rest will follow. 

Dare to speak Dutch!

Let's introduce yourself in Dutch! Where are you from and where do you currently live? Get yourself ready to learn some Dutch sentences you can use for a job interview. We will focus on two short Dutch conversations during this mini workshop (20 minutes). We dare you to speak Dutch! We are Kyra and Caresse: sisters living in Oegstgeest and Leiden. We want you to get to know the Netherlands in an original, stylish and not so mainstream way. That's why we offer fun (online) Dutch courses, entertaining and interesting Walk & Bite Tours (when allowed again!) and awesome self made Dutch products. Follow us on Instgram (@survivaldutch) for more information. 

Time schedule for the mini workshop 'Dare to speak Dutch': 
1.    11:00-11:20
2.    11:25-11:45
3.    11:50-12:10
4.    12:15-12:35
5.    12:40-13:00

This workshop is only meant for international students that don't speak Dutch (yet)

What is it like to work in Brussels?  What kind of positions are there? What do you actually need to do to be able to work for the European Parliament or European Commission? Two alumni will tell you all about that and share their experiences: 

Jochem Hoff, Trade Policy Advisor to MEP Samira Rafaela (D66/Renew) bij European Parliament (bachelor History, Master International relations) 

Kaja Blumtritt, trainee European Commission (Master International Relations en Master Internationaal Law)

Why I chose Leiden: I chose Leiden because of the university's good reputation for the subjects that I am interested in. Furthermore, I valued the opportunity to be able to combine different interests and the possibility to engage with critical approaches to law and international relations. The location between Amsterdam and The Hague is certainly also a plus. 

What is it like to work in Brussels: It is exciting, challenging and sometimes surprising when the Brussels bubble opens up new opportunities you have not even thought of before.

Design your future

Have you ever taken a moment to imagine how the future might look like in 10 years from now? What technologies might impact this future and how can you prepare for it?
Join this interactive workshop where Betty will guide you into understanding some futuristic trends and will help you define your small next step into the future. 

Are you a student of the faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, Social and Behavioural Sciences or Humanities? And would you like a professional to look at your CV or LinkedIn profile?

Book a timeslot for an Online CV Check and let's discuss your future plans and help you get there! Through the Online Career Event environment in Brightspace you can register for a 10 minute session to meet a career advisor online. Submit your CV in pdf or add a url to your LinkedIn page.

Registration for the Online CV Check is possible a week before and during the Online Campus The Hague Career Event. After registration you will be informed on how you will be reached.

Heb jij een functiebeperking (van ADD tot rolstoelgebondenheid) en zoek je een stage of baan die bij jou past? In deze interactieve workshop bieden wij, Stichting Studeren en Werken Op Maat (SWOM), handvatten om deze zoektocht zo goed mogelijk aan te pakken. Aan de hand van een casus gaan wij de verschillende onderwerpen rondom het hebben van een beperking bespreken, zoals het stigma dat er heerst, de houding van werkgevers, het communiceren van je beperking en het voeren van het sollicitatiegesprek. Ook zal een student die wij aan een stage hebben geholpen zijn/haar perspectief en ervaring met ons delen. Daarnaast geven wij vanuit onze ervaring als stichting per onderwerp tips. Ben jij geïnteresseerd? Schrijf je dan snel in! 

More information

This year the Campus The Hague Career Event is online. Therefore we want to create an online environment for you to meet fellow students. Instead of meeting new people at the coffee machine or while talking after a workshop, you will be able to meet them on Discord. At the start of each session, you will get a link to the event's discord server, and for each session, there will be a different channel for you to chat with other attendees. 

Getting ready to enter the job/intern market is exciting but can also feel a bit overwhelming. No need to worry; the Career Service Bootcamp sessions will help you get in shape to conquer your dream internship or job. What will you learn? What should be on your CV, how to write a cover letter, get tips on how to get your pitch right, and learn to use the STAR method to indicate your competencies during an interview. 

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