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Public Ethics Talk

Artificial Intelligence Responsibility Gaps and Meaningful Human Control

Thursday 15 April 2021
The event will be hosted in Kaltura Live Room.
Public Ethics Talks


The notion of “responsibility gap” was originally introduced in the philosophical debate to indicate the concern that the introduction in society of machine learning may make more difficult or impossible to attribute moral culpability to persons for untoward eventscaused by intelligence machines. Building on literature in moral and legal philosophy, and ethics of technology, I propose a broader and more comprehensive analysis of the responsibility gap. The responsibility gap, I argue, is not one problem but a set of at least four interconnected problems – gaps in culpability, moral and public accountability, active responsibility - caused by different sources, some technical, other organisational, legal, ethical and societal.

Responsibility gaps may also happen in systems not including  learning or autonomous technologiesI will analyse the sources of these different gaps, explain why the matter, and criticize some existing proposed partial solutionsI will also outline a more comprehensive approach to address the responsibility gaps in their entirety, based on the idea of designing socio-technical systems for “meaningful human control".

Dr. F. (Filippo) Santoni de Sio

Dr. Filippo Santoni De Sio is an academic philosopher and teacher specialized in interdisciplinary work in ethics of technology with a special interest in issues of moral and legal responsibility especially in relation to Ai and robotics. He is an Associate Professor Ethics/Philosophy of Technology TU Delft

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