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EuniWell workshop

Workshop: Cross-cultural agility

Tuesday 25 May 2021

What is the workshop about?

Cross-cultural agility refers to the ability to understand, incorporate, and work within and between multiple different cultural contexts and locations. Cross-cultural agile persons are able ‘to be one's authentic cultural self while engaging with others and honouring their authentic cultural selves.’ We hope to create a conversational space in which academics and students from our universities can exchange ideas and practices focused towards developing our own cross-cultural agility and that of our colleagues. The workshop offers the unique opportunity to exchange ideas in an international environment with lecturers and staff from the other universities from the EUniWell network.

The programme

  • Introduction round
  • Presentation about EUniHuLi
  • "What is cross-cultural agility?" (Breakout Rooms)
  • "What is cross-cultural agility?" (Main Room)
  • Break
  • "How can we foster cross-cultural agility?" (Breakout Rooms)
  • "How can we foster cross-cultural agility?" (Main Room)

    Convener: Katalin Monzeger (Semmelweis University, Hongarije)

Join the workshop

Registration is not required. Join the workshop on 25 May from 14.00 by clicking the Zoom link. The workshop will be in English.

Zoom link


For more information about this workshop you can contact dr. Roeland van der Rijst (ICLON). Roeland is core member of the organising committee from Leiden University.


EUniWell is an alliance of seven universities that have come together as the European University of Well-Being. EUniWell provides students, researchers and lecturers with new international opportunities for collaboration and development. Read more.

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