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Mental Health Day: Nature Walks

Sunday 10 October 2021

The Hague

Connect with nature

Take the time on 10 October to connect with nature and reflect on your own well-being!

Nature Walk

The theme of Mental Health Day 2021 is nature. For students from Leiden University we are offering a guided Nature Walk in The Hague. The Nature Walk is organised by Nature Academy. You will learn about the nature all around you and will have the opportunity to focus on yourself and your own well-being. Nature can calm us and help us put things in perspective. Twenty-five students can join in the Nature Walk.

Step by Step Walk

If you prefer to walk alone, you can do the Step by Step Walk in The Hague instead. Download the Step by Step Walk (pdf) for the route. You’ll do various activities and assignments along the way, and find tips on how to stay mentally fit. You can do this walk whenever you want. On Mental Health Day on 10 October we’ll be handing out goodie bags out at the start.

In short

  • Sign up for the Nature Walk in The Hague with a guide from Nature Academy. Twenty-five students can join in.
  • Download the Step-by-Step Walk (pdf) and walk round The Hague on your own. Do it on Mental Health Day and you’ll receive a goodie bag at the start.

Free to all students

The Nature Walk is open to all students from Leiden University.

Shoe among leaves in the woods
Walking outdoors
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