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Well-being Wednesdays - Well-being booster

Wednesday 23 March 2022
Online in Teams

Can you use a bit of a well-being booster?

Are you curious to find out more about the science behind well-being? Then this Well-being Wednesday is for you. We will dive into the research on positive psychology, find out what makes humans flourish and check in with your own well-being.

You will discover the five pillars of well-being and reflect on where you are at. Join to learn how to give your well-being that extra boost everyone can use and what you can do to help others do so as well. 

Register for the workshop on 23 March via the button below!


Well-being Wednesdays

Every last Wednesday of the month we organize Well-being Wednesdays with varying themes. Want to stay up-to-date on upcoming Well-being Wednesday activities? Register to receive regular updates.

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