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SMV Congress: The issue of confused persons and more

  • Ybo Buruma
  • Johan Bac
  • Sharon Dijksma
  • Bauke Koekkoek
Wednesday 20 April 2022


On Wednesday, April 20, Stichting Maatschappij en Veiligheid (the Society and Security Foundation) is organizing a Dutch speaking conference on the occasion of the SMV Publication Award 2021. This prize has been awarded to Bauke Koekkoek for his publication 'The issue of confused persons. Towards a different approach to misunderstood behaviour'.

The issue of confused persons is one of the biggest challenges for Dutch society. The number of incidents of persons with misunderstood behavior increased from over 40,000 reports in 2011 to over 130,000 reports in 2021. This amounts to an average of 356 calls per day. In 2019, approximately 20% of police capacity was devoted to persons with misunderstood behaviors. As a result, several individuals become distressed. In his book, Koekkoek presents a different approach as an answer to this challenge.

During the congress the relevance of Koekkoek's approach from different perspectives (care, probation, local policy) will be further explored. Speakers are Ybo Buruma (member of the Supreme Court and chairman of the jury of the SMV publication prize), Johan Bac (director of Reclassering Nederland, Probation in the Netherlands) and Sharon Dijksma (mayor of the city of Utrecht). Afterwards there will be an opportunity to discuss the several issues.

Registration is free and can be done by sending a message to: smv@maatschappijenveiligheid.nl

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