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POPcorner presents… COOP & Code of Conduct for students of the Faculty of Humanities

Wednesday 11 May 2022
POPTalks (POPcorner Humanities)
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

COOP is a student-led D&I initiative that organises a series of events throughout the month of May 2022 with the ethos ‘from COnflicting OPinions to COOPeration’. The project aims to provide students with a toolkit on how to address difficult topics if not taboos within university settings in a respectful manner in the day and age of increased self-censorship and polarisation. One of the events, co-organised by COOP and the POPcorner, is a panel about the Code of Conduct of the Faculty of Humanities.

Have you ever felt disrespected or discriminated against during your studies but you did not know what to do? Are you familiar with the recently published Code of Conduct at our faculty? Do you wish to contribute to making the university a safe playground to develop ideas by sharing your thoughts? Are you interested in the ongoing initiatives and faculty members concerned with this issue at our faculty? Or would you simply like to educate yourself in this manner? If so, join the panel discussion!

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