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International Studies 10 Year anniversary

Friday 16 September 2022
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague


We are delighted to announce that on Friday 16 September 2022, International Studies celebrates its 10-year anniversary. What started as an exciting experiment in the Humanities Faculty, has grown into a large and lively academic community in The Hague. 

The celebration will start at 15.00 in our building at Schouwburgstraat. The celebration will be combined with our yearly opening of the academic year. Our keynote speaker for the day will be Prof. dr. J. Schaeken, who will speak on the theme of “Food as religion”:

Food as religion

If all goes well, we can eat what we want all day long. But very often, things do not go well: we want to eat, but we do not have access to food, or not enough, either because we do not have the financial means or because the food is simply not available. But even if there is food in abundance, there are all kinds of constraints that prevent us from eating whatever we want, for instance our health or personal preferences – you might want to skip a meal when there is haggis or Brussels sprouts on the table, or something you’re unfamiliar with, like ajapsandali. Very often our beliefs restrict us from eating certain foodstuff, sometimes always, sometimes occasionally. These beliefs may be of an ethical nature, such as respect for animal life or a sustainable environment. But they may also be codified under various religious beliefs. In this talk, we will look at these religious precepts and how they relate to ethical considerations.

After this keynote speech and a Q&A, we will continue the celebration with a trip down memory lane with former chairs and other people who have been involved in the International Studies programme over the years. Of course, there will be snacks and refreshments (the theme is “Food” after all). 

We hope to welcome students, staff, alumni, former chairs and other guests from our university.

If you would like to be present and if you are an International Studies student, alumnus/alumna or staff member, please send an email to events_internationalstudies@hum.leidenuniv.nl before 9 September, as space is limited.

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