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FMNST Platform x POPTalk: The Journey of (Student) Activism

  • Laura van der Heide
Tuesday 14 February 2023
POPTalks (POPcorner Humanities)
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

What makes someone a ‘true activist’? How can you, as a student, engage in social justice work? Would you like to learn more about the vocabulary, perspectives, and strategies of intersectional feminism for your research, socio-political interests and/or daily life? If you already identify as a social justice advocate or activist, would you like to exchange ideas in a safe space and connect with peers? Then come join this POPTalk!

Activism and social justice work are umbrella concepts. Where to start? Laura van der Heide, founder of FMNST Platform, debunks the myth about activism as only based on a generic list of radical changes in one’s personal life. Instead, they draw from their experience and knowledge to help us think of activism as a collaborative, creative, contextual, political, educative, and at times challenging yet healing journey. One that involves both the personal and the collective.

About the speaker

Laura van der Heide is the founder of FMNST Platform (IG: @fmnstplatform), hosting panel discussions and the podcast ‘FMNST Talks’. With their online and in-person social justice work, Laura aims to make information and discussions about important social themes more accessible (e.g., gender equality, anti-racism, and sexuality). Their goal is to educate people and to stand up for those people whose voices and experiences are often ignored or swept under the rug.

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