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Lecture | Public Ethics Talk

Decolonizing Academic Work

Thursday 8 December 2022
Public Ethics Talks
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What is meant by 'decolonizing' in the current university world? There are different agendas: contesting racism, defending indigenous knowledge, offering alternative epistemologies. In this talk I will focus on the practical and institutional level. Our universities and disciplinary knowledges exist in a global economy of knowledge, the product of 500 years of imperialism and global economy. The knowledge dividend of empire was important in the development of disciplinary knowledge; a global division of labour constituted the colonized world as a giant data mine and located theory & methodology mainly in the elite knowledge institutions of the global metropole. Challenging hegemony in this economy of knowledge involves intellectual changes, including shifting the agendas of research and the conventions of method in research and teaching. To decolonize academic practices requires us to address the formation of a global workforce in higher education and research, to reverse the current inequalities in communication, and to loosen the controls that tie knowledge institutions to the competitive reproduction of global inequality.

Raewyn Connel

Raewyn Connell is a famous Australian sociologist, and Professor Emerita of Sydney University. Most relevantly for this talk, she is the author of The Good University (2019), where she offers an explanation and critique of how (some) universities currently work, and explores alternatives to existing higher-education institutions, policies, and practices.

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Thursday 8 December 2022 at 11.00 hrs (CET)

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