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Why has Western Policy failed on Palestine/Israel?

Monday 26 February 2024
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague
Living Lab

This session brings together three former diplomats, from both sides of the Atlantic. Each one of them resigned over the Palestine/Israel/ Gaza policy of their respective Dutch/US government. They will share and reflect on the background and motivation as to their decision to resign. In addition they will discuss and explore alternative approaches they envision and touch upon the Trans-Atlantic initiative they were recently involved in in which civil servants from across the EU and The US expressed concern over their governments approach to the situation in Gaza.     

The session will be moderated by Christian Henderson, Lecturer at Leiden University, Leiden Institution for Area Studies.


Berber van der Woude
Berber van der Woude is a political scientist. She worked at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a diplomat and policy advisor in peace building and security and judicial sector development in (post-)conflict areas such as Burundi, DRC, Colombia and – her last diplomatic posting – Ramallah. Currently she works as an independent consultant, coach and facilitator for public sector organizations and teams. Her focus is on boosting courageous and purpose driven leadership. She is also a board member of The Rights Forum.

Josh Paul
Josh Paul worked at the US State Department for over a decade when he resigned last year from his position as Director of the office in charge of security assistance. Since he left State he has been a vocal and open critic of the US approach with regard to Gaza, speaking out via numerous national and international media. He has recently been teaching at Grinnell College and will shortly be joining DAWN (Democracy for the Arab World Now) as a non-resident fellow.

Angélique Eijpe
Angélique Eijpe resigned from the Dutch Foreign office last November, sharing identical concerns with Josh over the Dutch governments stance on Gaza. She worked in the Dutch foreign service for over 21 years amongst others at the Middle East Desk, as deputy ambassador in Oman and most recently in positions in The Hague focussed on organizational change within the ministry. Prior to joining the ministry she lived, worked and studied both in Israel and the Palestinian Territories for extended periods of time. Angélique has a background in international law and human rights law.    

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