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Student Support Groups

As a student or PhD candidate at Leiden University, you can join a Student Support Group to build your social connections and learn more about yourself.

Student support groups

Student support groups are a safe, confidential space in which you can learn, share and connect with others. Join one of the groups and contribute to the guided conversation on the basis of your own experiences together with 7 fellow students or PhD candidates and a student-guide. The sessions will take place once a week, for six weeks straight. 


Student Support Groups take place in turns, three times per academic year. Therefore, it is important to register before the deadline. You can take a look which groups are taking place and what are the deadlines in the “Programme” area at the bottom of the webpage.

How to join

You can sign up for one or more student support groups via this online form. We offer a variety of groups, each characterized by different main theme and subjects discussed. Check them out before you apply so you join the most suitable group to your needs.

Upcoming Support Groups

  • Well-being Support Group: Meet fellow students and talk about personal growth and well-being. 
  • Meeting Point Support Group: For first generation students, students with a refugee background and students from Suriname and the Carribean area that can use some help in finding their way within the university and in The Netherlands. 
  • 30+ Support Group: For students that have (re)started at the university in a later part of their life. Share experiences about, for example, combining the study with other responsibilites and being somewhat older than your peers. 
  • Financial Support Group: Do you have a hard time managing your student finances? You are not alone! Join this group to talk with fellow students about the topic of finances.
  • AD(H)D Support Group: Come together with other students that have AD(H)D (both diagnosed and undiagnosed). Talk about student life, support each other and exchange tips about how to face common challenges.
  • Career Support Group: Meet other students to talk about subjects regarding your future career, such as making a good resume, interview techniques and how to get the most out of your study to solidify your future career chances. 

For more details, please see this announcement.

New: Study Support Groups!

Do you prefer to study in a place without distractions? And do you like to study in a group with other students for some extra motivation? Then sign up for a study support group in the low-stimulus study room. In a study support group, you can meet fellow students, study together, share obstacles and victories and much more. Study support groups offer a set day and time each week where you are encouraged to study with fellow students. In the low-stimulus study room, you can study with as little distractions as possible by allowing you to use noise-cancelling headphones and privacy screens. All of this is facilitated under the guidance of a volunteer.

At the start of the study session you will have a check-in moment to see how everyone is doing. During the session you will take breaks together to make sure that you can study optimally. The groups consist out of a maximum of 8 students from different faculties and ages. Join a study group and help yourself and your fellow students! The study support groups are part of the student support group series.

Want to become a support group student-guide?

Every group needs a volunteering student to fulfil the role of a guide. This is a perfect opportunity to provide support for other students, gain experience and boost your own well-being by doing something worthwhile. If it sounds like a great opportunity for you, then do not hesitate to check a tab specifically for becoming a volunteering student guide.

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