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Student Support Groups

As a student or PhD candidate at Leiden University, you can join a Student Support Group to build your social connections and learn more about yourself.

Student support groups

Student support groups are a safe, confidential space in which you can learn, share and connect with others. Join one of the groups and contribute to the guided conversation on the basis of your own experiences together with 7 fellow students or PhD candidates and a student-guide. The sessions will take place once a week, for six weeks straight. 


Student Support Groups take place in turns, three times per academic year. Therefore, it is important to register before the deadline. You can take a look which groups are taking place and what are the deadlines in the “Programme” area at the bottom of the webpage.

How to join

You can sign up for one or more student support groups via this online form. We offer a variety of groups, each characterized by different main theme and subjects discussed. Check them out before you apply so you join the most suitable group to your needs.

Want to become a support group student-guide?

Every group needs a volunteering student to fulfil the role of a guide. This is a perfect opportunity to provide support for other students, gain experience and boost your own well-being by doing something worthwhile. If it sounds like a great opportunity for you, then do not hesitate to check a tab specifically for becoming a volunteering student guide.

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