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Student Support Groups

As a student or PhD candidate at Leiden University, you can join a Student Support Group to build your social connections and learn more about yourself.

Student support groups

Student support groups are a safe, confidential space in which you can learn, share and connect with others. Join one of the groups and contribute to the conversation on the basis of your own experiences together with 7 fellow students or PhD candidates and a student-guide. The sessions will take place once a week, for six weeks straight. 


Our next series of student support groups will start in the week of 8 May 2023.
Sessions take place once a week for six consecutive weeks.

How to join

You can sign up for one or more student support groups via this online form.

Deadline to sign up

The deadline for signing up for the upcoming support groups is 30 April 2023 (Sunday).

Upcoming Student Support Groups

  • Well-being support group: Meet with fellow students to talk about personal growth and well-being.
  • Meeting Point support group: For first-generation students, refugee students, and students from Suriname or the Caribbean region who could use a little help finding their way within the university and in the Netherlands. 
  • PhD candidates support group: Meet other PhD students to talk about mental well-being and to share experiences and challenges. 
  • 30+ student support group: for students who decided to attend or re-join university a little later in life. Share experiences such as juggling responsibilities and being that little bit older than your classmates. 
  • Finance support group (new): Do you find managing a student budget difficult? You’re not the only one! Join this group to chat with other students about the subject of finances. 
  • AD(H)D support group (new): Get together with other students diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with AD(H)D, discuss student life, support each other and exchange tips on how to face common challenges.
  • Career support group (new): Meet up with other students to discuss career-related subjects such as creating a CV, interview techniques or getting the maximum out of your studies to boost your future career.

See full details in the programme below. 

Want to become a support group student-guide?

Every group needs a student volunteer to fulfil the role of guide. This is a perfect opportunity to provide support for other students, gain experience and boost your own well-being by doing something worthwhile. If you are interested in becoming a student-guide, send an email to: studentsupportgroups@sea.leidenuniv.nl. The deadline to volunteer as student-guide for the upcoming series of groups is 16 April 2023 (Sunday).

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