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Internships, research, fieldwork, summer schools and more

There are many other types of activity you can do abroad to enrich your studies and gain international experience. Find out about the options available to you.

Options related to your study programme

Depending on your study programme, there might be a range of international activities available to you. Some may be compulsory or optional parts of your programme. Others are extra-curricular activities that you can choose to follow to complement your studies. Activities might include: 

  • Internships
  • Research and fieldwork
  • Fieldtrips and excursions 
  • Subject-specific summer or winter schools
  • Mandatory study abroad activities
  • Clinical clerkships (co-schappen)
  • Moot courts
  • Study association trips

Approval and registration

Is your activity abroad part of, or associated with your Leiden University studies? In other words, do you want to receive study credits or funding via the university, or have the activity included on your transcript? If so, you must first gain approval from your study programme. After gaining approval, you must also register your activity in Leiden University’s study abroad portal. This will enable the university to contact you in case of emergencies.

Refer to your faculty or study programme tab

For information on the activities available to you and how to arrange approval and registration in the study abroad portal, click on your faculty or study programme tab. 

Options for students of all faculties

There are also a number of international activities that are available to students of all faculties. These include:

Summer and winter schools are offered all over the world. Please note: Summer and Winter schools are part of our regular exchange agreements and therefore students will have to pay the summer/winter school fees themselves. Please check the respective partner website for more information about the costs.

Safe destination

You may not go abroad for study-related activities to a country for which negative travel advice has been issued. Visit the Health and safety page and read Leiden University Regulations on Studying Abroad for more information.  

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