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Nursing mothers' room KOG

Visiting Address
Kamerlingh Onnes Building Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
Room number
+31 71 527 7512

Opening Hours

07:30  - 22:30 hour
07:30  - 22:30 hour
07:30  - 22:30 hour
07:30  - 22:30 hour
07:30  - 20:00 hour
11:00  - 17:00 hour
11:00  - 17:00 hour

For expressing milk you can use one of the assigned rooms in the University. Every lactation room can be locked from the inside and has a refrigerator.

Booking a time slot: step-by-step plan

1. You can book a slot in the nursing mothers’ room through Outlook. Simply go to the calendar and click ‘New appointment’. You can then add a title and select a date, start time and end time.

2. Click ‘Location’ and you will see all the locations where you can book a slot.

3. Type ‘LAW’, press ‘Enter’ and a list of available rooms will appear.

4. Scroll down and select room ‘C3.24 Kolfruimte KOG’ in the list. Click ‘OK’ to confirm.

5. You will then receive an automatically generated email confirming your booking. If the room was already booked by someone else for that specific time slot, the email will notify you that the booking was not accepted and you can try booking another slot.

A visual overview of the step-by-step plan.

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