Universiteit Leiden

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Reception Pieter de la Court

Visiting Address
Pieter de la Court Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
+31 71 527 3600
Emergency number
+31 71 527 3701

Opening Hours

07:00  - 22:00 hour
07:00  - 22:00 hour
07:00  - 22:00 hour
07:00  - 22:00 hour
07:00  - 20:00 hour

Every building has its own reception desk, where guests can report upon arrival. The reception desk is also where you would pick up a key for a company bicycle or order a taxi. 

The reception desk is the first point of contact within a building. It is where you, for example, go:

  • To hand in or inquire about lost or found objects
  • For first aid and to report calamities
  • To pick up various keys
  • To borrow a company bicycle
  • To order a taxi
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