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Your studies and the job market

What is the job market like for graduates of your study programme? What type of companies do alumni end up working for? And in what fields and what type of positions?

Go to your faculty or study programme tab for more information about your study programme and the job market. On the LU Career Zone you can find out about career prospects per study programme

Job Market Information

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology is a very broad study. It leads to a wide variety of career options. This sounds vague. What can you actually do with anthropology?

Curious and open minded

Anthropologists are well-known for their curiosity for ‘the other’, for the unknown. They have learned to observe and analyse from different angles and with an open mind. They have learned to listen to and observe others.

Because of this open mind and their academical skills, anthropologists are wanted in all sectors: business, non-profit and governmental. Anthropologists are increasingly important in the 21st century because in our globalizing world, people from different parts of the world increasingly come in contact with each other.

Where do alumni work?

After the MA CA-OS you roughly have two choices: keep on studying or start working. In some sectors, our graduates are represented more than in others, like the filming industry, development organizations, the government, education, municipalities, art and culture industry, scientific institutes etc. 

For example:

  • On Universities: for scientific education and research;

  • In research projects commissioned by ministries or private institutes;

  • In development projects in foreign countries;

  • In the Junior Professional Officers Programme from the Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the United Nations;

  • As staff member in non-profit organisations like NOVIB and SNV;

  • At ethnological museums: as conservator or as official at the educational services involved in collecting, examining and presenting material culture of non-western peoples;

  • In education: as teacher in sociology for which you can qualify via a course after your MA;

  • At municipalities: as policy advisor that involve issues concerning the multi-cultural society;

  • As communication consultant in a commercial company;

  • In a wide range of positions that acquire academicals skills at ministries, municipalities embassies.

More information on the career prospects with your master Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology can be found on the LU Career Zone.

Not so obvious

Yet, there are a number of jobs that are not so obvious for graduates CA-OS. For example when a global professional services firm is leading a merge between two companies, an approach from different angles as well as an open mind is very important.

Also think about the police. Anthropologists could add value with their knowledge about the multicultural society and its issues.

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