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Finding and arranging

An internship or research project abroad is not only a fun and educational experience, it's also a great asset to your CV. As job markets are becoming increasingly international, employers tend to view international experience as a big advantage. Read more about how to arrange an internship or project abroad.

Take a look under your faculty or study programme tab for information about the options available for international internships or research projects.

You can choose to follow an internship abroad. Internships abroad are subject to the same requirements and procedures as internships in the Netherlands. Please visit the Internship manual of the Career Service of Humanities for more information on arranging an internship.

Before you start organising your internship you must check the safety of your destination, based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The Board of Examiners will not take your application for an internship abroad into consideration if the destination is not safe. 


The Faculty places particular emphasis on safety. For this reason, the Faculty adheres to the travel recommendations on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We advise you to carefully read the university brochures Regulations on studying abroad. It is not possible to follow an internship in areas that have been issued a negative travel recommendation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (colour codes orange and red). 

If your destination is in an unsafe area, you have to come up with an alternative plan. If your destination is ina safe area, you should not forget to enter your contact and travel details later on in the procedure.

Personal Responsibility

You are personally responsible for:

  1. All additional expenses (travel and housing expenses, visa expenses)

  2. Visit the monthly information session Health and Safety 

  3. Organising housing
  4. Visa application
  5. Taking out the required insurances
  6. It is sometimes difficult to obtain a grant for an internship abroad. You are personally responsible for applying for a grant and meeting the accompanying deadlines.


In the case of an internship abroad, you are in principle responsible for any additional expenses. In some cases, you may be able to obtain a grant for an internship abroad.

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