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Pieter de la Court

Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
31 (0)71 527 3600

Regular opening hours

Mon-Thur 07:30-22:00
Fri 07:30-21:00
Weekend Closed

Check the UBL website for the opening hours of the Social and Behavioural Sciences Library.


Disabled parking space

On Bargelaan, opposite the northern entrance to Leiden Central Station.
Parking location on the map


  • The route to the entrance is paved.
  • The platform is accessed by a ramp with bends of about 30 cm, and a disabled lift from the bicycle shed.
  • Revolving doors at the entrance open automatically.
  • There is a button for wheelchair users.
  • Turnstile from platform opens automatically and is wheelchair accessible. Width: approximately 170 cm.


Reception after entering on the right.
071 - 527 3600

Wheelchair accessible toilets.

On every floor except the 6th. 


  • The lift outside the building is located in the middle of the bike shed, which is accessible on both sides via a ramp of about 10 meters. 
  • The lifts inside the building are located straight ahead about 5 meters from the entrance.
  • The first elevators in the property are located straight ahead about 15 meters from the entrance. The second elevators in the building are located straight ahead about 40 meters from the entrance.

Possible obstacles

  • In the building, not all doors open automatically.
  • Not all glass walls have markings.
  • Not all doors are wide enough for wheelchairs and or mobility scooters

The number of parking spaces at Leiden University is limited. Do you have an appointment with one of our staff members? In some cases, he or she can reserve a parking space for you.

You can also make use of the paid parking options offered by Leiden and The Hague.

Paid parking


The Hague

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