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Humanities Campus Exhibition

The exhibition Humanities Campus opens on Thursday 16 June. It will show the process of investigating the spatial and functional options for the Witte Singel Doelen Complex, and is therefore not about the location of the new study facilities.

With the redevelopment of the Witte Singel Doelen Complex, we are working on the realisation of a Humanities campus. An attractive environment where Dutch and international researchers and students can study, research and work together, this will provide the latest facilities and possibilities for the long-term growth of our faculty.

Rich history

The renovation of the Witte Singel Doelen complex means the transformation of a site with a rich history. It is that history, together with the plans for the new campus, that we reveal in the exhibition. First we look back at the Past, and use important historical and architectural moments to illustrate the layered history of the Witte Singel Doelen site. Then we bring our attention to the Present, starting with the different structural visons of five architects from the 1970s that led to the current structure and design of the buildings on the Witte Singel Doelen site. The buildings’ facilities no longer meet contemporary needs; this is why Leiden University commissioned the redevelopment project.

In the final part, the Future, we look at the spatial possibilities for the Witte Doelen site, and in what shape our faculty would fit best. Various options have been thoroughly investigated, and these can be seen in the exhibition. The investigation resulted in the model that has our current preference: the campus model. You will not find building plans or the location of your new desk at the exhibition, because we are not that far yet. At the moment, it is about the urban vision, the number of metres that we as a faculty need and the optimal distribution of functions across the buildings. We will expand this part of the exhibition to provide the latest information during the project, so pop in every now and then to stay up to date. As the final part of the exhibition is quite abstract and complex, we organise guided tours to explain the images.

Visiting the exhibition

The exhibition can be found in the hallway by the offices of Facilities and Student Affairs (1.31-1.38) on the first floor of the Lipsius building. If you have any questions, contact us at hc-info@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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