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How do you rate your study programme? Take part in the National Student Survey!

Want to give your opinion about your study programme, the university and the city, and have the chance of winning a great prize? You can fill in the survey now!

Are you happy with your programme? What do you think of the programme content, your lecturers, your curriculum and the facilities provided by the university? Let your voice be heard in the National Student Survey (NSE) and rate your programme, your university and your city. And do make sure you nention anything that could and should be better. The opinion of our students is very important nto us, and we use the outcomes of the NSE to improve your programmes and our university. And, not only that, you'll also have the chance of winning some great prizes!   

How do you take part

Go to the website of the National Student Survey, and enter your uMail address to gain access to the survey. Entries in the NSE are, of course, anonymous; only your starting year and your programme are known in advance. 

Fantastic prizes!

If you take part, you could also win some fantastic prizes:  

  • A travel voucher for 2,000 Euros (to be used at KILROY)
  • 10x 400 Euros for your room rent, books, tuition fee, or whatever you want!   
  • 265 x bol.com vouchers (worth 20 Euros)

Why is it important to take part in the NSE?

The NSE helps the university make improvements: Leiden University improves those areas about which students are critical in the survey. We learned from the 2016 NSE, for example, that students in Leiden were less happy than students elsewhere about the feedback on teaching assessments and career training. As a result, we have put programmes in place to address these two issues. 

Want to know more about the NSE? Go to the NSE website.

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