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Humanities Lab Photo Booth coming to Leiden and The Hague!

Have you ever wondered which famous scientist you most resemble? Go to the Humanities Lab website, do the quiz and find out! On the 1st of February in Leiden (Lipsius, 10:00-14:00) and on the 8th of February in The Hague (Wijnhaven, 10:00-14:00) you will have the opportunity to immortalize yourself, posing as your favorite scientist in the Humanities Lab photo booth!

What is Humanites Lab?

If you are a first year student, curious, inquisitive and interested in the world around you, if you find you have time left beside your regular study programme, then Humanities Lab, the honours programme of the Faculty of Humanities, would be perfect for you! Humanities Lab allows you to take full advantage of the possibilities that Leiden University has to offer. Find out more about your options on www.humanitieslab.nl. The first deadline for registration is on the 15th of February.  

Questions and more information

You can ask your questions directly to the coordinator of studies and current students of Humanities Lab, who will be present on the 1st of February in Leiden and the 8th of February in The Hague at the Humanities Lab photo booth. You can find out everything about Humanities Lab on www.humanitieslab.nl

Information session

You can also come to an information session to find out more. The first following information session is planned for the 7th of February and will take place in The Hague. More information can be found on www.humanitieslab.nl

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