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NSS 2017: Students more satisfied, but still areas for improvement

On most issues covered in the National Student Survey (NSE), Leiden University students are more satisfied with their education and programme as compared with last year. But there are still areas for improvement. This is shown by the results NSE 2017 survey released by Studiekeuze123.

Student response rate

This year’s survey was completed by 9,860 Leiden students, almost 37% of all students at Leiden University. In the survey, students use a 5-point scale to rate various aspects of their programme, including content, instructors, academic guidance and academic skills. For Leiden, most scores are comfortably above 3 points, with a number of them at around 4 points.

Moderate increase

On most issues addressed, Leiden University students are somewhat more satisfied as compared to last year. More students than not are satisfied with instructors’ professional expertise and how inspiring they are. Students are also more satisfied with the availability of work places and with the library. Additionally, students’ overall opinion of their programme is quite positive. The programme in general and the atmosphere in their programme scored an impressive 4 on the 5-point scale. Students also gave a rating of over 4 on the question of whether they would recommend the programme to others.

Areas for improvement

In a number of areas, students indicated that they were less satisfied with Leiden in comparison with other institutions. These areas were academic guidance, quality assurance (linking survey results and measures to students) and career preparation. Informing students about issues including study progress, rules and procedures, tests and evaluations could also be improved. Students are more satisfied with the provision of  information and quality assurance as compared with last year, but other universities are performing better on these issues.

Taking action

The university’s Executive Board is pleased that so many Leiden students took the time to complete the survey. The Board takes the results very seriously and will be taking action on the areas for improvement indicated by the students. For example, extra resources have been made available to prepare students for the job market. An online mentor network has also been set up that allows Leiden alumni to assist students on specific issues, such as making career choices or learning coaching skills. Additionally, the university is working on improvements to processes and systems that provide information to students (such as Blackboard and Usis) and on quality assurance.

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