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Survey E-books and user experience

E-books have become an important part of the academic resources available to both students and researchers. The University Library is home to a large and ever growing collection. However, using e-books may not always be straightforward, as knowledge of certain key issues (e.g. loan and print/download restrictions, formats etc.) is required from our users.

Availability and user experience
In order to optimize the availability of our e-book collection and to improve the user experience the library has initiated a new project. During the summer months two MA-students from Book and Digital Media Studies, Athiná Papadopoulou and Anne van Engelen, will – amongst others – conduct a survey into the usage, preferences and requirements for e-books.

We kindly invite Leiden students and staff to participate in this survey and share your experiences with us. It will take approximately  5-10 minutes of your time. The results will enable the library to expand its e-book services and have more relevant and well-suited resources available for your studies and/or research. Your cooperation will be much appreciated!

Start the Survey.  

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