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Harrie Starreveld is Artist in Residence 2017

In the period October-November 2017, Leiden University welcomes Professor Harrie Starreveld as the 2017 JAPA-UL artist in residence. Students may participate in a workshop series that focuses on the shakuhachi (flute).

Professor Harrie Starreveld

Renowned flutist

The 2017 edition of the Artist in Residence Programme consists of a workshop (in principle 6 sessions) conducted by Professor Harrie Starreveld, a renowned flutist on both western flute and shakuhachi, with a broad experience in modern music. Professor Ivo Smits will assist as coordinator.

See the video or check out the music sample.

Shakuhachi demonstration by Harrie Starreveld

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Participation eligibility

The programme is open to students from Leiden University, as wel as  the Royal Conservatory in The  Hague. The number of the workshop participants will be limited, which can impose additional selection based on proven commitment to the study in Japan’s arts and visual culture.

Workshop schedule

The workshops will take place at Leiden University.

Venue is always: Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden, room 0.30. 

  • Tue. 17 October, 17-19 hours
  • Thu. 19 October, 17-19 hours
  • Tue. 24 October, 17-19 hours
  • Thu. 26 October, 17-19 hours
  • Tue. 7 November, 17-19 hours
  • Thu. 9 November, 17-19 hours
  • Tue. 14 November, 17-19 hours
  • Thu. 16 November, 17-19 hours

More information

Contact the Coordinator of the Programme Professor Ivo Smits.

About the Artist in Residence Programme

The Artist in Residence Programme is an important cultural, artistic and educational addition to Leiden University's versatile academic profile. This year’s programme consists of workshops/classes for students taught by a Japanese contemporary artist invited to Leiden. The initiative was made possible through the generosity of The Japan Association for Promotion of Arts (JAPA), and The Isaac Alfred Ailion Foundation.

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