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Get in touch with the Students on the Programme Board

From October 15, 2017 Imogen Stevens and Matthias Obermeier assume their new position as Student Members of the International Studies Programme Board, which is responsible for the day to day running of International Studies. They have the task to represent the opinion of the student body in discussions on the design of the programme, the implementation of changes, and more.

The Programme Board

The other members of the board include Dr. Joost Augusteijn, Senior University lecturer History and Chair of the Programme Board, and Dr. Jaap Kamphuis, Programme Manager of International Studies. The Programme Board meets with its student members every month to discuss relevant issues and receive input from the Educational Committee.

Get in touch with Imogen and Matthias!

Feel free to get in touch with Imogen and Matthias to talk about anything considering the International Studies programme or the campus in The Hague, your feedback is very welcome. We have asked them to briefly introduce themselves in this article, so you will know who they are and how you can approach them.

Meet Matthias Obermeier

"Name is Matthias Obermeier. After taking a medical break for one semester two years ago, I am currently a fourth year of our International Studies programme. Within our course, I specialise on the Middle East, and have chosen Arabic as my language. Additionally, I followed the Islamic Studies minor. Currently, I am writing my Thesis on the role of Islam in Lebanon. Outside the classroom, I am a part of our TEDx-committee, aiming to create the first TEDx Event at Leiden University.

As a member of the Programme Board, it is my goal to act alongside Imogen as an intermediary between students and administration. Representing your opinions when meeting with the Programme Board is my number one aim, therefore, feel free to approach me with any issues that may concern you in regard to our course or our study environment. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or simply on campus."

Meet Imogen Stevens

"I am from the UK and grew up in Shanghai, China. I am currently a second year International Studies student studying Russia and Eurasia, and learning Russian as my language. Other than the Programme Board, I am also involved in the upcoming BASIS Eurasian Committee, bringing fun events and anything related to Russia and Central Asia to International Studies!

My goal for the programme board is to represent all International Studies students as well as possible and to make sure students are well informed about any future changes to the course. If anyone has any questions or any ideas to contribute, I can be found on Facebook, contacted via email or spoken to in person - I'm usually around Wijnhaven somewhere!"

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