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On exchange from your student room

Following optional courses at universities in Madrid or Hong Kong. That's now possible via Virtual Exchange. But how does it work in practice? We answer some of the main questions.

What is Virtual Exchange?

Virtual Exchange allows you to choose from courses at no fewer than 12 universities, from Delft to Wageningen and from Madrid to Hong Kong. These free subjects fall within the electives credits of your degree programme and are accessible for students who are enrolled at one of the participating universities. 

When can you follow one of these online courses?

If it adds value to your own programme, or if you want to broaden your studies. Take student Tess Bevers. She is currently taking a Dat a Data Analysis course at TU Delft entitled Take it to the max. She is learnig skills about data analysis and visualisation. Bevers: ‘It really fits well with my Life Sciences and Technology programme, because I will soon have to analyse and disclose the findings from lab research.'

What is an elective course like?

The study material is available online 24/7, which means you can access the video lectures, texts and assignments whenever and wherever you want. It's very useful if, like Tess, you spend a lot of time on public transport. There is an online discussion forum where you can discuss the teaching material with your fellow students. The programme finishes with an assignment or an exam, where you can earn study credits. Bevers: ‘The only thing it asks of you is a high level of self-discipline. You don't have any compulsory  lectures, so you have to be able to motivate yoiurself.' 


Over Virtual Exchange

Visit the website for more information and the range of subjects.

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