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An adventure between crabs and fossils

Are you interested in marine biology or in geology, or maybe both? Join us this summer on a journey to Normandy and Brittany!

Go find crabs and fishes in the tidal area and observe fossils in old layers of stone, or maybe even the edge of a granite intrusion. The summer course Crises in biology starts with a series of interesting lectures, prior to the excursion. These will take place in the first two weeks of June in the evening, starting at 17 ‘o clock. Subjects such as the formation of planets and the origin of life will be discussed.

In the tidal area of Roscoff, we will find many different animals, such as crabs, snails and tunicates.

Chalk cliffs in Normandy

The excursion starts on 18 August in Normandy. The coast of Étretat is famous for its sky-high chalk cliffs. You will discover how this area has arisen. The journey continues in Roscoff, Brittany. In this picturesque harbour town, the Station biologique de Roscoff is located, an important institute regarding marine biological research.

Your own group of animals

In the lab, you will be assigned your own group of animals, about which you will do research. At the end of the course, you will know much more about different animal phyla.

On the beach of Crozon, we will pitch into the geology of the Palaeozoic in groups of 7 students. Do you know there has been an ice age at the end of the Ordovician? We can find proof!

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Hope to see you soon!
Maarten Lubbers
Participant in 2017, assistant in 2018

We go to the sea! At a depth of 17 meters, we will find common dragonets, spider crabs and sea lancelets.
Brittany has a lot to offer regarding geology. At Plage de Veryac'h (Camaret) we can find different layers from the Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian.
In the lab, you will be assigned your own group of animals, about which you will do research.
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