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Written a good bachelor's thesis? Send it in!

At the Student Research Conference 2018 on 9 November at Leiden University College, the sixty best bachelor's student researchers in the Netherlands and Flanders will present their work. Will you be one of them? You could win a prize.

How they are selected

The bachelor's researchers for the Students Research Conference will chosen in line with the usual academic rules: a Review Committee of researchers will assess the papers that participants have submitted based on their thesis. The Committee will give feedback, which the students can use. Then the sixty best papers will be selected for a workshop or poster presentation on the research.   


The students who take part in the Student Research Conference may have their research published in the open access e-journal SURE!  There are also money prizes for the best workshops and presentations:  1000, 750 and 500 euros, in each of the Medical & Health, Language, Culture & Law, Exact, Applied Sciences and Economy & Society categories.

Are you ambitious about your research? Read all about the Students Research Conference here

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