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New phase of Harmonisation of Educational Logistics programme

With the Harmonisation of Educational Logistics programme, we are taking steps to coordinate educational processes within the university. The aim is to provide a basis for better and more uniform support for students and staff.

The way in which educational logistics processes, such as application procedures and structuring the curriculum, are organised within the university can differ from faculty to faculty, and even by institute or programme. This means that students may at times come up against situations in which they are limited in their options for adapting their programme to suit their own personal learning objectives. This situation can - and must - be improved. Improvements in educational logistics will benefit not only students, but also staff. 

Orientation stage completed

The past few months have seen the so-called orientation stage of the Harmonisation programme. During this period, students and staff from all the faculties, the ICLON and the Honours Academy attended working sessions where they provided input and indicated what they believe are the main improvements that need to be achieved by the programme. The findings from these sessions have been translated into a number of concrete projects aimed at harmonising the different processes. For example, we are working towards a more transparent process for registering for programmes, minors and exams. During the working sessions, students indicated that they need a single, central digital location where they can gather all the information that is important to them. The possibilities for such a facility are being investigated within the Digital Student Portal project.

Schematic representation of the projects within the harmonisation of educational logistics programme.
Schematic representation of the projects within the harmonisation of educational logistics programme.

Start of of next stage

The launch of the first projects (e-Prospectus, daily schedule and application procedure) and the appointment of a new programme manager, Femke van Moorsel, heralds the formal start of a new stage in the Harmonisation programme. Within each of the seven projects, a multidisciplinary team will be working on a concrete reform of a specific educational process.  These reforms will be submitted to sponsor groups, made up of students, lecturers and staff, that will operate as a sounding board. A steering group will monitor the progress and the objectives of the whole programme. For each programme there will be a balanced group of representatives from faculties and central services. Faculty staff will be involved in implementing the projects and advising on the content of the programmes.  

We will, of course, keep everyone informed about progress and about the various milestones within the programme. To stay up to date, please check out the staff and student websites and the university  newsletter. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Harmonisation of Educational Logistics team by mail.  

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